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08 June 2016


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Will be the first new book on the shelves in our new home.


Actually, the next time there is a revolutions tour encompassing the UK is there any chance of getting it signed?


You should put this on the THoR feed too.


Is there any possibility of getting this on Audible. (Like, similarly editing the old episodes together into an audiobook.) I'm sure I have all the old episodes on whatever phone I had when they were released, but I'd gladly spend a credit to get them all together on my Audible cloud.

A huge fan



The critical question: will there be an audiobook version?

Dr. Leroy Huizenga

So glad to see this come to completion. And so glad to have you back weekly with Revolutions.

Miguel M

Fantastic! Is there an estimate for the other volumes?



Shane Doherty

The super important question is this: Do you fix the Otho joke?

Shane Doherty

Whoops, I got mixed up about when that happened. Such is the perils of 1200 years of history.

It would be neat to have a hardback version, but that's personal preference.

Andre Wemans

Great news! It is already bought and ready for the vacations readings!

Brian Smiley

Awesome! Will it be available on iBooks or just through the kindle store?

Barry Hagglund

Great news. Your sign-off on the interstitial podcast episode promoting this has motivated me to leave this comment before the coming mass anarchy makes it impossible:

Really enjoy the podcast(s). Keep up the good work and I'm hoping we'll get to hear about the previous American revolution before all is lost in the new & improved one ...

Scott Bonner

Just ordered it for our library! (I'm director of the Ferguson Municipal Public Library in Ferguson, MO, and a big fan of the show!)


Bought! Via Kindle since I live in Argentina, but very happy to support one of my favorite podcasters of all time. Keep it up!

Niall Blehein

If enough of us beg - will you make an audiobook version ?:)

So happy you're publishing this. Its still the gold standard for history podcasts.

Thanks :)


Mine just arrived! That was quick!


Will there be an option to purchase a hardback and or signed copies?


Got it! Ironically, I had been wondering when the book would drop since I'd recently read a Crusader Kings II after-action report "From Norse to Horse" where someone took advantage of a game loophole and got a horse to be heir, then recreated the Roman Empire as Rainbow Dash. No word on whether Caligula's horse Incitatus appeared in the game but Clever Hans and Cincinnati (Ulysses S. Grant's horse) showed up as horse courtiers.

Jason H

Got my copy of the book today! Mildly disappointed that you didn't utilize musical-greeting-card technology to play the podcast intro music when the cover is opened :P

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