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30 October 2016


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The size chart link is missing for the t-shirts. Also curious if they're the same brand as last time, as those ran a bit small.


Next time, maybe make a poster of the Agriculture logo. Definitely want that on my wall. Until then, however, I'm gonna buy a shirt just to cut the logo out >.>

Benjamin Davidson

Any Q&A element this time round?


Is there anyway that you can add in an option for 3XL (with a suitable increase in the price)? Although I can wear a 2XL, it is a little tight across the shoulders for me. I am getting the history of rome supplements no matter what, but would like to get the tshirts also. Thank you.

Nick Baughan

You should do a vote with donations for the 'Pick a Revolution'. Revolution with the most dollars wins! I'd vote a $100 for the Dutch Revolt/80 years war.


That's a fantastic idea Nick. I highly doubt anyone would actually ever pay $25,000 for that, but lots of people would pay $50 or 100$ for the right to vote on a revolution.


Is shipping costs included? If they ain't, how much is the shipping cost to Sweden? I'm thinking about buying a t-shirt.


Just a bit off topic, but I figure I'd share this from NY Times columnist Ross Douthat, "Today’s conservatism has far more to gain from the defeat of Donald Trump, and the chance to oppose Clintonian progressivism unencumbered by his authoritarianism, bigotry, misogyny and incompetence, than it does from answering the progressive drift toward Caesarism with a populist Elagabalus.”

Without commenting at all on the political opinion, gotta respect someone who can drop an Elagabalus reference! Caligula, Nero, even Commodus get more present-day recognition, but the freakiest of them all deserves a shout out now & then.


Hello, is there any plan to have more posters for the future revolutions? I think that they are a great idea and I would like to know how much space I need to reserve on my walls.

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