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13 November 2016


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No surprise that this beloved American institution was corrupted beyond repair so soon after the election. It's already begun...

Matt C.

End of the Republic! Nay, Armageddon! Ma


What are you using to edit the audio with? Actually, it'd be cool to see the workflow you use to create each of the podcasts. I'd imagine you have it down to a science at this point.



This group has followed you through "The History of Rome" and across a number of revolutions. I think we can wait a day or two for the redo of a corrupted file.

I just wish that I would have ever had the extra funds to do one of the tours.

Mark Mullen

Are you sure it's not PICNIC? Problem In Chair Not Computer! ; )

Well at least we have those 5 new episodes of History of Rome to pass the time!!

If you ever find time Mike, Might I suggest that you re-record the first few episodes of the History of Rome. Back when you had inferior recording equipment. Perhaps you could do that for next years fundraiser and add a bit of extra content. A handful of remastered episodes!

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