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10 June 2018


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Jonathan Sigurdson

Get well soon, man!!!
Can't live without your podcast!!!!


Are u sure it isn’t about upping the tension before the beginning of the Paris Commune proper?


Take your time: rest and recuperate. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Being a parent of young kids is a full-time job in and of itself with requisite hazards. :)

Thomas Mooore

Get well soon

Ryan Ashworth

Hope you feel better soon, Mike! Looking forward to this episode, and have much enjoyed Revolutions, just as I enjoyed THoR (many times over). :)

Geoff McCurdy

Get well soon! I didn't have the money in the budget for those THoR fundraiser episodes until now....please tell me I can still get them. I've been banging around on the website looking...

Geoff McCurdy

Oh and I would be remiss if I didn't congratulate you on being an American in Paris (with family)....have fun I have loved all the content over the years!

Keith Crabtree


As near as I can tell, you can still get the History of Rome appendixes on the Revolutions Podcast Fundraiser website. The t-shirts are gone, but all of the add-on podcasts are still there.


You get better Mike. We'll make do one week without knowing the riveting continuation of La Commune Parisienne.

Andre Egalité

Get well soon! The guy making the content is more important than just a product we consume. Take the time you need.

Stephen Ng

I procrastinated last time, but I got both Appendices I & II for THoR for this fundraiser. I finished listening to the last episode today. Great job Mike. They are both well deserved additions to the family of THor podcasts. I recommend everyone to download them.
from Stephen MD (longtime listener since the original episode 10 broadcast)
PS: get well soon Mr. Duncan

Michael Tuskey

As a 22 year old in college I have a terrible habit of checking every hour to see when the podcast comes up. Hope you get well soon.
PS: I brag to all my roommates when a new episode hits the stream.

Billy Jones

How do I get the extra episodes? I checked THoR and don’t see any bonus paid episodes. I’m happy to pay for content. (Mike Duncan content)

Denis Nardin

@Billy Jones It's here: https://revolutionspodcastfundraiser.com/


Stay alive! We need you to keep up the great work. Feel better.

Jonathan Sigurdson

PLEASE give us an update!!!!!

Asshole comenter

It’s 11:49

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