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15 September 2013


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Welcome back Mike! Loved THoR and can't wait for revolutions! Hope you're enjoying Madison!


Ah, but it's good to have you back.


I'd just like to second dw:

Eliza-bee-than. Even though Elizabeff is the correct pronunciation of the name. It's one of those things. Other than that, I didn't notice anything too off.


Mr Duncan,

Welcome back to podcasting! I have missed a weekly history exploration, and I am looking forward to Mondays again! I know you set out some ideas of where you wanted to go with this series. But I have a question. If towards the end of this particular project you go back in time and discuss the popular uprisings in Rome from the Gracchi to the Caesars bringing you full circle, would you be doing a revolutionary revolution on revolutions?

Thanks for being great and working hard at what you do. I'm going to go tell my friends about the new podcast.


It is great to have you back Mike! Top notch work as usual.


Hi Mike

Great to hear you back podcasting. I've been anticipating this since your announcement all those months back.
For people you want to learn more info on this period if you go to youtube.com and type in Monarchy David Starkey, you'll find a series that I've enjoyed, the episodes that deal with this subject are The Stuart Succession and Cromwell The King Killer


Awesome to have you back podcasting, loved tHoR and i'm sure this will be great too.

A little disappointed that Revolution by the Beatles wasn't the intro music, but you'd probably have to pay for that.


I'm so used to "Hello, and welcome to the History of Rome." I'll get used to the new name, but it just sounds weird.

Rob Shinnick

Great to see (um, hear) you back again, Mike. I like the Beethoven-esque music cue. What is it?

Rob Shinnick

Oh- never mind. I see now that somebody already answered my last question about the music. Haydn, eh? Excellent.


YAAAAAAY! My favourite podcaster is back!


I'm so excited for Revolutions! Good to have you back!


MIKE! I just moved to Madison for a job, and was just about to start my 3rd go-through of the History of Rome. I'm a huge fan and glad to see you back into podcasting with new content.

I'm going to be so bored during your month hiatuses between revolutions.

Avid local listener at work,


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