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17 November 2013


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Thanks for everything you've done. HoR and Revolutions are some of the best podcasts I've heard.


I wonder if there's any elected leader that equals Charles utter pig-headed stubbornness. Say what you want about democracy but I don't think we produce leaders so fatally intractable.


That's kind of the point of democracy isn't it Joe? If we get a uselessly stubborn leader we can get rid of them without going through all the trouble of a civil war.


He killed Kenny!


Thanks you man. Really interesting.


"Have you come far?"
"Yes, from country squire to Lord Protector of England"
Brilliant nudge at our present Charles.

Thanks for this.

Jonathan Evans

Great podcast. Interesting literary note, John Milton, best known for his "Paradise Lost" was quite caught up in the Civil War and wrote his prose work "Eikonoklastes." It is Greek for "iconclast" and was a defense of the regicide of King Charles I for any who are interested. He actually also served in the administration that was set up after as well.


i only discovered the History of Rome in August. I just want to state how excellent it was, and how much I enjoyed it. I've finally caught up, and look forward to it being a weekly presence. Though I will miss the steady feed of 2 episodes a day going forward!

So far I am quite enjoying your recounting of the English Revolution.

I do want to give a book I would heartily recommend for the next part about the American Revolution, and I'm putting it here (rather than the Audible recs) because there is no audio book available for it. The Long Fuse: How England Lost the American Colonies 1760-1785 by Don Cook. It is a fascinating look, directed mostly from the view of British Parliament and the King. It focuses on the factors that influenced the choices of men like Lord North and King George, and attempts to show why they did some of the, from an outside perspective, foolish choices they did.

Anyhow thank you for this wonderful series, and keep up the excellent work.


Excellent show as always. I did feel a little sorry for Charles in the end - you get the sense that he really didn't believe this was a revolution until the very last moment, which in some ways it wasn't. You're right that a better ruler would've known his limitations, though... We've seen a lot of autocrats go this way. It reminds me a lot of Tsar Nicholas II who probably had a lot of opportunities to turn things around


Its also funny to hear that the levelers, with such a progressive and egalitarian philosophy were such asses about it. Perhaps there are equivalencies in our day and age :P

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