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12 March 2017


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Just as I was running out of back-episodes of The History of Rome (btw, is it only me or did Mike Duncan's opinion of Emperor Constantine shift towards the negative over time?) my favorite Podcaster is back!


Same here! This site is on my browser's most visited list just from all the checking and rechecking :)


thanks for doing this, I really enjoy these histories.

Andrew Maxim

Thanks for the great podcasts Mr. Duncan! I'm looking forward to the book, The Storm Before the Storm. I've been a fan since forever (THoR) and hope you never stop making podcasts. As long as I have ears, I will continue to listen! Thanks, Andy

Seth Reeves

I was so happy when I saw this pop up on my podcast feed. You are the man! This is my favorite podcast and one of the only ones I always listen to the minute I see it appear. Thanks so much for doing these! You've inspired so many people and you just do a great job at relating history.

Samuel Lawrence

I'll be very disappointed if there isn't at least one 'Because duh, King Charles!' in this series.


Yeah my second favorite suicidally stubborn King Charles!

Nathan Gautrey

Wow, came back after pausing at 3.54 the end of the french revolution and find this!!!

Does anyone know what has happened to the "The History of Rome: The Republic: Volume 1" book, it seems to no longer be on sale anywhere (expect for +£200 from Amazon.) As the book is written I'm a bit confused as to why more copies cannot just be... printed?


Hey Mike - totally excited to start the new series. Just a friendly reminder it's time to update your podcast description in the various podcatchers, and your tag line on this website. That way everyone knows which Revolution you're on to now.

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