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19 March 2017


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A 65 year old pit bull?! Oh...


Is it just me or do I hear more than a few parallels with the current US administration?


J: Time is a flat circle.


Is it fair to say that between 1789 and perhaps as late as the 1880s most French people remained monarchists, but the monarchs/candidates for the throne were so summarily incompetent that they all lost out on a chance at power.

I think even during the early Third Republic the monarchists had a majority, but they couldn't agree on WHO to put on the throne and after they finally had a candidate, he became unpopular over the idiotic question of which flag to use. And that was that.


In 1871 they offered the crown to Charles X's grandson but he had to accept the tricolor flag, which he just could not do. So the Bourbons threw away their last chance for a piece of cloth.


Totally agree with J! Donald the Simple it is.

Brendan Lyon

Every time you said Charles, I inserted Trump. It works flawlessly.

Troy B

Ok so I'm not the only one who heard the similarities between Charles and Donald. I'm not sure if that was deliberate on Mikes part, to highlight the similarities. There also seems to be parallels between congress and the law making body during Charles the X reign. Once the conservatives took over they broke down into infighting.

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