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26 March 2017


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Well that escalated quickly.


I have been listening to Guizot's history of France for a year now, so am looking forward to learning about the revolutionary. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLU5atYtcZ6IxmZrgWoJbjuxBhsfSA-NTe


By the way, Guizot is one of the people mentioned by name in the first few lines of the Communist Manifesto as one of the opponents of communism chasing after the specter. Maybe we'll get into the why of this now or during the 1848 series (1848 was incidentally the year the Communist Manifesto was published)


I am really looking forward to the 1848 series. Apart from my interest in the subject, I am planing a YouTube series on music of the Protestant Reformation, and I can't decide on whether I should take a country by country approach, or chronological. Like 1848 the Reformation is one giant hairball of a story.


What happened to Mister Duncan?

He hasn't tweeted since 23. March and he has not published this week's episode yet.

I hope there isn't anything wrong with him.

Shane Doherty


1. This episode was published on the 26th of March, so I don't think his Twitter activity is connected to his episode production.
2. The timing of the episode for me (in GMT Timezone) is normally at some point in the early hours of Monday Morning. It's still early yet.

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