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02 April 2017


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A listener

"The four ordinaces will be beautiful, yuge, tremendous, great, lovely, yah gonna love it bigly!"


Great work as always Mike. Glad to be back in France.


I am struck by the resemblance between the street fighters and Occupy.

Nick Watts

Loved the interactive map Mike! Gives a real sense of on the ground action, thanks for the effort


Thank you for the interactive map. The notes are helpful to understand how everything relates to each other. PS- I hope the McDonalds by the barricade wasn't damaged.

Brandon Swindler

I am more struck by the resemblance between the behavior Prime Minister Polignac and the irresponsible Captain Tylor, and now I am imagining the events of the 1830 July Revolution adapted into a sort of goofball comedy (The Irresponsible PM Polignac?)

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