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09 April 2017


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Graham Gladstone

"Paris had won; Charles had lost." Given the original revolution, I can't help but wonder what the rest of France thought about all of this?


Am I the only one who just has to think of "Do you hear the people sing"?


Graham, as to your point I think it is hard to find out, but Paris seems to have been at the forefront of revolutionary firebrandishness for most of French history.

But we might get to know a bit more about 1830 specifically in the next episode. Let's just hope 1848 won't take too long coming...

I mean even after Napoleon III got France nothing but humiliating defeats in 1870 there were still royalist majorities in the representative bodies the people outside Paris elected for quite some time...


Napoleon III won plenty until right there at the end.


Lukas, every time I hear the word barricade I "hear the people sing".



he did have his foreign policy successes, but on some major fronts (Italy, Mexico, Prussia) his plans ended up coming undone. And the war of 1870/71 was what broke his neck politically.

But ultimately, France - and especially Paris - is more the country of Napoleon III than his uncle.


To bad Charles X did not have a Cardinal Mazarin to tell him that Paris is not the country. Or maybe it is a good thing as I am no fan of monarchy.

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