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23 April 2017


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Interesting how much more often the example of the US Constitution as model comes up. I guess during the 1790s the continuity and modelability of US government was far less clear.

Charles La Costa

So I've gone back and have restarted "The History of Rome" and have noticed that we are approaching the 10th anniversary of the start of the History of Rome. So when's the party?


Hi All

Anyone know the best single book on this revolution? I don't believe Mr. Duncan has added the bibliography for this revolution yet.

My search of amazon hasn't yielded much of anything (besides one 1923 book) just on this revolution. There is a volume by Munro Price on 1815-1848 that is probably very good, but was hoping for something focused more on the details of 3 glorious days, especially the barricades fighting?



*pardon me for a moment*

I HAVE DONE IT!!!!!!! It took a long long time, but I've done it. I'm current. Every episode of THoR. All 6 seasons of Revolutions. I made it.

Howdy folks. Hopefully I'll be poking my head in from time to time.


Well BCochran1981 now you get to wait until every Sunday, refreshing every hour after 4 PM CST like the rest of us.


But...but...that's a whole hour behind! I have to wait till 5pm?! This is unacceptable. I say, in the spirit of 1830, we riot.


In the spirit of 1830 we only have to barricade Madison Wisconsin since only the capital of the Revolutions Podcast matters.


We, the people of the internet, in defense of our inalienable right to constant entertainment, do hereby reject the draconian and cruelly unjust week of waiting between episodes. In defiance we declare that either time will bend to our will, or we shall refuse to live in with this injustice.


Hello Mike
I hope so much you finally make the rusian revolution. I am waiting for it since the end of the french revolution. That's a long time.


Podcast episodes and JoHn'S declaration of April 28th!

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