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30 April 2017


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Before I leave a comment to correct a pronunciation, let me say: I love all of this, from the History of Rome to the current Revolutions.

Being German, I didn't have to suffer from mangled French and Spanish pronunciations, but hearing Metternich as "Metternick" is painful: making it rhyme with "better fish" would be a great step in the right direction. :-)


Interesting about Nime and the southwest of France, because Le Pen came out of southwest France, but there is a line of towns, just slightly inland where she did not receive a single vote, and I wonder if that old Catholic/Protestnt divide remains.


Don't worry Michael the March Revolution of 1848 is coming! Plenty of German to mangle there.


I continue my thoughts, this catching up thing is great but one episode a week just CAN NOT STAND!

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