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13 August 2017


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Tristan Macdonald

As always, awesome episode! Thanks, Mr. Duncan!

And I just finished your excellent episode on Gregor MacGregor, which inspired a poem:

Honeymoon in Poyais
(A Song for a Con Man)

Gregor MacGregor,
you conjured a country,
king of mosquitoes,
creator ex nihilo.

Thomas Strangeways,
you penned out our eyes
with a book of your spell
conforming world to will.

Gregor MacGregor,
you summoned maps from scratch
and concrete consulates
from mirage and sickness.

And you sold us your vision
and now we live within it,
bending our land and bodies
to fit our fits and fantasies.

Ghostly Saint Joseph,
carpenter of corpses,
all of our life savings
into graves for our babies,
you died of natural causes,
old, no remorse, no justice,

our goal, our role model,
our founding father,
Gregor MacGregor,
our saint, our savior!


I discovered the History of Rome in June of last year, and have finally worked my way to this point. Thank you so much for all your work!

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