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08 October 2017


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What impresses me is how all parties learned from the revolution of 1789. The monarchy learned that there is a moment when you had to leave town, the sans-culottes learned to let the king and family go into exile, and to keep the rough stuff to a minimum.


Hello Mr Duncan, and congrats on your great work here and the History of Rome. I am following the chronology of revolutions and noticed you reached 1848, but it seems to me you jumped over a major one: the Greek Revolution of 1821. A ten-year struggle that literally changed the course of history in eastern Mediterranean, sparked the movement of philhellenes, inspired all the early 19th century romantics, and not to talk about action! Are you planning to come back to it later?


Gus he talked about it briefly in an earlier podcast and specifically mentioned he would not be covering it.


has anyone done a podcast on Greece 1821? I would love to listen to it.


Great podcast. I'm enjoying learning more and more about the history of Europe. Your pronunciation of French has improved tremendously!

Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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