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03 December 2017


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What happened with the Luxembourg commission and the national workshops is basically what happens historically to socialists.


Could women vote on the republic's election?


Snisipower - no! Mike specifically said it was based on "universal manhood suffrage" - not sure if that's verbatim, but if you re-listen it'll be there. France only let women vote in 1945 - relatively late for Europe. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_women%27s_suffrage

John L

Hi Mike, Been listening since HOR #1. Was very excited to come down to SF with my pre-order copy and say hi, but GOT SICK (you know the feeling) on Monday. So drowned my sorrows by listening to the saved-up Politics and Prose episode, which was fun. Especially loved the Q&A section for the unscripted nature and all, and wondered if you've been recording all the other appearances and if so would post just the Q&A's from some others? Would love to hear them and live vicariously off what I missed. Thanks and keep it up. -John L. San Ramon, CA

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